Co-curricular Activities


Our students reach more heights in their career by getting more information in this field. And are more passionate about advanced computer knowledge and have the freedom to choose the course of their choice. We also participate in inter-school, district, state and national level competitions.

Yoga, Painting, Concert

Our Indian school boards take pride in training students in dance, drama, painting and other art forms in yoga, painting competitions. We through this company organize performance yoga, painting programs and music programs to encourage our students to be the masters of their talents and flourish in those fields.

A Good Publication

Many good market publications associated with our company are available here. With this we can take our students towards a new direction. It has several authors who are encouraged to come up with works we regularly publish in magazines. We hold a book sale every 3 years to promote those authors and their work.

Sewing Course

According to our Indian women, cutting any cloth according to the size and connecting it with needle thread by hand or machine is called sewing art. For this course, if you are 8th, 10th or 12th pass and have interest in sewing and cutting clothes, then you can also do tailoring course. In this, you can also be asked for graduation for fashion designer course, but that will happen only if you want to learn fashion designing along with tailoring. Course in Tailoring gives you complete knowledge related to Tailoring and Stitching. Like the method of stitching - Running Stitch, Hemming Stitch, Back Stitch, Piping ,Mending, Patching, Button-hole, aur hook etc.

Beautician Course

This course provides a lot of opportunities for girls in these sectors. In today's time fashion is a big thing for the youth. Due to which its demand has increased a lot in this sector today. Girls today want to keep themselves up to date in terms of fashion. If there is any function or family program in the house such as birthday, marriage, worship, then the girls have to go to the beauty parlor to get ready. Girls regularly go to the beauty parlor so that they can take care of their hair and skin.

Brain Science Program

Teaching, writing, understanding and memorization (ie memorization) is the most difficult process under our Indian schools, we are not able to complete it, for which the students get the least number of marks in the examination, and no teacher remembers. Keepers are unable to store the memory power, through this company, we have brought a course for our students to keep their studies memorable forever.